Sections below show images of things I cherish

1922 Anderson restored cosmetically for the South Carolina State Museum in Columbia.  It still is on

Antique Auto Restoration

Mechanical Enterprises began in 1981 as a part time business while working at Michelin (MARC).  It soon became my primary interest and I quit Michelin to make it full time. The business lasted only 5 years but my love of old cars has not dimenished.  The images in this section represent only a small part of the activity of restoration, which continues to today with the addition of a 1997 Daihatsu Midget II.


Photography is an interest, but not an obsession.  We still have all the cameras we have used during 50 years of marriage.  So our photos have evolved with the technology, from the Polaroid Instant Print to digital photos with our cell  phones.  We are in the process of digitizing many of them.

Art Work

I became interested in art as a teenager and wanted to be an architect.  My grandmother gave me a set of drawing instruments, which I still have.  Becoming a mechanical engineer instead, I spent the next 50 years drawing mechanical things.  Now that I'm retired, I am going back to the sketching with pen and ink that I loved and having a blast.


Michelin sent us to France for 19 months which gave us a chance to do a lot of traveling and take a lot of pictures.  Here are some of those memories.


Where would we be without family?  My wife Linda and I have been blessed with two great children and three grand children.  Jeff, our son, is a helicopter pilot in the Army.  Stephanie, our daughter, is a pharmaceutical rep.  They both have wonderful mates and live happy lives.  Retirement lets us spend more time with them now to create great memories.  We also celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary in 2018.


Linda's family, the Exley's, have an extensive family tree.  Unfortunately the Dorsey family did not save much information on our past.  I have been researching the Dorsey family history and the images show some of my ancestors and a limited family tree. Thanks to my sister Linda's great memory, we have a good start.