Clients and Projects

Every job is a portrait of the person who did it.

As a small business owner, I appreciate the efforts of entrepreneurs and inventors with a big dream and small pockets. Helping these clients is my passion, and I take pride in being able to offer my professional help, based on  40+  years of experience, as they search for solutions to their problems.   I work strictly by the hour and have no desire to own part of a client’s patents or products. This distinguishes ME from larger design firms  who sometimes try to negotiate ownership and/or have to charge exorbitant fees because of their overhead.  I provide all the tools to do the job…computers,  printers,  software,  office, and a small, well equipped shop to work one-on-one with my clients to develop and test their products before investing in expensive patents or tooling.  Confidentiality and Non Disclosure Agreements are the norm.

I like to  meet every potential client face to face to establish a mutual interest and trust and I believe that every project must be a win-win situation for both parties.  Professional references are available upon request.

Some of our Clients:  This is just a sample…Please call to discuss your needs.



B2B Media:

ME designed  and developed  a removable vehicle sign system for marketing/advertising; prepared Patent drawings; fabricated and tested  prototypes; assisted with locating manufacturing sources.

Aero-Flex Trimming Systems:

Over several years ME created 3D models and assisted with manufacturing documentation of a patented string trimmer system that is now available in Lowes.

Love Filtration Machines:

ME created 3D models, renderings and Patent Drawings of customer’s design for a commercial filtration system.

TachMed Solution:

Over several years and product lines ME created models, drawings, renderings, fabricated and tested products, and assisted with sourcing for manufacturing or rapid prototyping.

Comfe Designs:

ME created  3D models, animations, prototypes for Comfe Hands, a device to make iPads more ergonomically comfortable for users.

D4 Energy Group:

ME created plant layouts for contract proposals and Product Models/Assemblies/Documentation/for Manufacturing of equipment.


ME assisted by having products scanned and then digitally modifying the files per the owner, then assisted with finding manufacturing sources (mold maker and injection molder).

John Dow Industries:

ME assists the John Dow Engineering Department with new designs and modifications to products used for the automotive service industry.
Sealed Air Michelin Hoowaki Hartness Greenville Tech Dupont

Cryovac AeroFlex B2B Media Comfe  SpectraD4 Energy Groupktmsolutions




Some of our Projects:

Love Filtration Systems- Wastewater filtration system.

Love Filtration Systems- Wastewater filtration system.

Love Filtration-Exploded ViewMachining Fixture



Toddler Potty

Assembly Fixture

Assembly Fixture



Medical Tool

Medical Tool


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