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Mickey with an Antique Car Scoot Coupe- Design InspirationBIKAR My personal commuter vehicle1997 Daihatsu Midget II

    1929 Ford Model A                     Scoot Coupe                            BIKAR                           Daihatsu Midget II

About ME (Mechanical Enterprises, LLC)

Mechanical Enterprises began as a small business to restore antique automobiles in 1982 while still working as an Engineering Supervisor at MARC (Michelin Americas Research Corporation).  I left Michelin and operated the business full time for 5 years, but closed it in 1987.  We restored more than 25 antique automobiles and won all sorts of prizes for our clients.  It was greatly satisfying technically but financially a disaster.  Over the next 20+ years, I used Mechanical Enterprises to either supplement a salary or as primary work in between full time jobs at major industrial companies in the Greenville area (see Clients page).  So ME has evolved from antique auto restoration to what is now PRODUCT DESIGN AND DEVELOPMENT SERVICES and the Daihatsu Midget II Project.  I work from my home office with state of the art 3D Mechanical Design tools.  I have been using SolidWorks since 1998 and am a CSWP (Certified SolidWorks Professional).  I also founded the Greenville SolidWorks User Group in 2002.  I’m a Registered Professional Engineer (PE)  in South Carolina.  Update:  I am now retired but continue to work for clients on a part time basis.

I have a small, well equipped shop where I fabricate prototypes and do testing work for my clients.    With over 40 years of experience in product design, development, manufacturing, and education, I have many professional contacts and resources to call upon when I need specialized help.  I consider myself a hands on, practical engineer who is not afraid to get his hands dirty, but is also in touch with the latest design and manufacturing technologies.  I like working with individual inventors, entrepreneurs, or small businesses who don’t have their own engineering resources.  Above all, I try to make every transaction a win-win for both parties.

Professional  References available upon request

The Daihatsu Midget II project is my current effort to remind the public that we don’t need a 4500 lb. vehicle to drive alone to and from work.  With the previous BIKAR Project and now with the Midget, I am trying to show that a PERSONAL COMMUTER VEHICLE can provide economical transportation for 80% of the miles we put on our vehicles.  Why not save the energy that is wasted and use a vehicle designed specifically for the purpose of commuting and short errands.


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BME-'72 Georgia Tech

BME ’72 Georgia Tech


solid works certification

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